5 Top Packaging Trends for 2022

5 Top Packaging Trends for 2022

Your business’ success can be directly affected by the way you package your products. A recent survey revealed that 74% of respondents would rather pay more for products in sustainable and environmentally-safe packaging.

Your packaging may be the decisive factor in deciding whether a consumer supports you or your competitor in 2022 and beyond. There are many packaging trends this year to keep an eye on, some of which we have included here. These five packaging trends will help you stay on top of the market, from sustainable design to product personalization.

These are the Five packaging trends that will be here to stay

1. Subtle Branding

subtle advertisement is the inspiration for subtle branding. This concept was first used in 1927 when it was featured in Wings, a movie about a Hershey’s chocolate placing bar. With the help of social media advertising, you can easily subtlety a brand. Packaging is the primary enabler. To avoid visual redundancy, the main purpose of subtle branding is to keep the packaging simple. Paid advertising is causing advertising fatigue by bombarding users with flashy logos in bold fonts. This leads to a decrease in buying intent and brand association.

Note There is a huge difference between subtle packaging and discrete packaging.

Consumers are more interested in the product’s features and how it meets their needs than flashy logos. By displaying the information you want on the packaging, rather than using large placeholder logos, you are already creating a subtle branding campaign.

2. Minimalistic packaging

Because of their high conversion rate, minimalist packaging designs are always in fashion. They don’t contain distracting graphics elements which makes them stand out from other products. Sustainability and minimalistic packaging design go hand in hand. It is quick and easy to use and suitable for everyone, no matter what product you sell.

3. E-commerce Packaging

E-commerce has seen a tremendous rise in the last few years. It’s likely that this trend will continue into 2022. The pandemic has caused a significant shift in consumer behavior and raised expectations for e-commerce packaging.

Customers have high standards for the delivery, user experience and return of products. Businesses will need to make sure their ecommerce processes meet customer expectations to be successful in the emerging e-commerce market. It is important that customers have a pleasant experience with their e-commerce shopping experience.

4. Vintage Packaging

This packaging trend is in harmony with nostalgia. It relies on graphic elements as well as copy that recalls the past. Coca-Cola is a classic brand that has gone viral. They brought back the labels and bottles from the past for a limited edition campaign.

Are vintage packaging options suitable for young brands or not? While young brands may lack the nostalgia-inducing elements of vintage packaging, they can rely on the newstalgia that comes with their packaging. Newstalgia is a brand that evokes nostalgia with packaging inspired by the past. The old is brought back to life in this packvertising idea. It is inextricably linked to upcycling, recycling, recommerce, and sustainability.

5. Sustainable Packaging

Google’s 2022 Digital Marketing Trend Report shows that sustainability is a top priority globally. Recyclable Packaging is one of the major traffic drivers. For the packaging industry, this can be interpreted as one thing: the time is now. Google has created a wonderful feature to help consumers and businesses go green. Now you can search for environmentally-friendly options in your locality.

This is an important step in facilitating accessibility to environmentally-conscious products and services. It pushes all parties towards taking action now. We couldn’t be happier! Next In Pack launched the Sustainability Hub initiative in order to assist businesses with packaging and corporate communications. We provide sustainable packaging solutions for businesses and can help you all the way to go green.

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Even something as simple as packaging trends can be overlooked. In reality, it is one of the most valuable marketing insights that a business owner can get without spending anything. The trend-spotting guide is a great predictive tool. Each micro trend you spot will help you better understand your customer. It’s never been easier to stay on top of the latest trends.

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