9 Tips for E-commerce Fulfilment Friendly Packaging

9 Tips for E-commerce Fulfilment Friendly Packaging

It is essential to have custom packaging and know how to prepare your product for fulfilment via e-commerce will make a big difference in the perception of your brand. The delivery window is one of the most important factors in how your brand is perceived. 63% expected three-day delivery in 2017.

Next In Pack understands how important it can be to ship goods on time. We offer same day order fulfilment without additional cost to our customers. Shipping can be very expensive. You can lose your profits if you don’t provide fast and error-free shipping. This applies regardless of whether you ship in-house, or outsource your ecommerce fulfilment. We’re going today to share nine tips for creating e-commerce friendly packaging. You can ship cheaply, quickly, with no damage, and without wasting any packaging!

1. Select primary packaging for your product

It is important to choose the right ecommerce packaging solutionsdepending on the product’s weight and dimensions. Next In Pack offers a variety of sizes and types of boxes that can be customized to meet your needs. We also offer rigid or padded envelopes for smaller products.

2. Reduce shipping costs by using lightweight packaging

We fulfil orders for other companies. This means that we take their inventory from our warehouse and put it into a box. Then, we apply postage and send it off. There are many steps, but these are the main ones. Applying postage is the most crucial step.

A permit to ride on an airplane or truck of a carrier’s vehicle is all that is required for postage. FedEx, Blue Dart and DHL are all carriers. The India Post Office is also a carrier. Each one assesses shipping rates on the basis of weight and dimensions. Because of this, the weight determines how much fuel they’ll use to transport the package. We’ll also be discussing dimensions.

The best thing that you can do as a business owner to lower shipping costs is to decrease the weight of your packages. You can do this in many ways. It is possible to reduce the item’s weight by using lightweight packaging materials or even putting it in a smaller container. Shipping costs can go up if you send many packages.

3. Choose the right box to fulfil e-commerce orders

As with the previous, all carriers price postage at most partly based on the physical dimensions. You can quickly incur additional costs by sending items in boxes that are an inch or two larger than you need. Consider the shipping costs when you are manufacturing or assembling items. Shipping costs will rise if there is extra space in the box, whether it be the item’s container or the shipping container.

Some even go so far as to manufacture items that are similar in size to flat-rate US Priority mail boxes. This technique is so simple that you don’t have to think about the weight of your boxes. In fact, 25 kgs of dumbbell weights were shipped to me in an Indian Priority Box. The shipper paid 1000 rupees to send the dumbbell weights in an Indian Priority box.

4. You should use packaging boxes that are proportional to the product’s size

We recommend individual self-tapping, die-cut boxes to ship small boxes online. A die-cut box is available for delivery if you require a box that has a maximum height of 12/14cm.

We recommend using flap boxes for larger sizes. There are many options for customized cardboard boxes. We can manufacture any size or box you require if it is not listed on our website. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us

5. To reduce extra material, pack tightly

Packing tightly is the best way to reduce the weight and dimensions of your customized mailer box, or delivery box, is to do so. You must pack the item in its original packaging. Next, wrap the item in a box tightly and place it into the smallest possible mailing box.

6. To prevent any damage, choose sturdy materials

Logistics is not only beautiful, but it’s also very human. Trucks are often damaged by packages. When they walk to your door, mailmen drop packages. Most packages arrive safe and unharmed in shipping. It’s so disappointing for customers who have waited patiently for their item to arrive. This is beyond our control, you might argue. After we are done, the carriers take our inventory / our fulfilment company is finished. This is true in large part. Many things are beyond our control. Smart packing principles can help reduce breakage.

Your outer packaging must be able to withstand a drop of four feet. Find out what you can do to safely ship fragile items. Use a corrugated container with thick walls and lots of packing material if your items are fragile. This is where there is great balance. Over packaging will increase costs. You will have more returns because of damage and increase your costs.

Packaging for an item should be made of the strongest materials possible. This will reduce the chance of damage during transit, and thus reduce the cost of returning goods.

7. The unboxing experience

Many e-commerce fulfilment decisions are based on finding the best way to send a package. However, this doesn’t capture the entire picture. Good fulfilment makes customers feel valued and turns online shopping from an unpleasant experience to a fun one. You can use this excitement to your advantage. Think about the angle that the box will be opened. Many people are interested in unboxing experience. First impressions matter here.

What should customers see first when they open the box to get the best experience?

It is likely that it will be at the top of your item’s box. Designers often only think about the angles that are visible to customers who shop in the store. Fair enough, this is very important. However, you shouldn’t forget the other side of the box that your customers will see when they open their online orders. Only one chance to make an impression. Use your first impression to make a lasting impression about your brand.

8. Marketing materials are important!

It’s still exciting to open packages containing items I purchased online. It’s still fun to experience what should be a simple process. Customers are happy when they receive their items. They are very shrewd and would appreciate you reaching out with another offer.

Many companies include marketing materials in the boxes they ship. Fulfil rite can add marketing Inserts as low as 12 Rupees per Package Cross selling to existing customers can help you increase your profit margins. This is also easy, so it’s worth considering during your e-commerce fulfilment process.

9. Pack your products correctly!

For your shipment, we recommend that you use filling or protection material. Bubble wrap can be used to protect your products from possible damage during transport. Remember that cardboard boxes can become brittle during shipping and may end up in different vehicles. Filler material is recommended to prevent any empty spaces in the boxes. Colored fillings such as colored tissue papers or colored paper shavings are a cost-effective, efficient, and economical option.

Last Thoughts

Your customer’s experience is only complete if you fulfil their orders. It is important to ship products quickly, efficiently, and without any damage. You should also consider marketing aspects like the angle of unboxing, and the possibility to upsell.

Small changes to your business practices can make a big difference in how your e-commerce fulfilment process runs. These tips are our pleasure to share and we hope you find them helpful!

We offer services that will save you both time and money. This allows you to focus on what you love most – growing your company! Next Innovation Packaging and e-commerce share this in common. Both cannot be reduced to boxes. It’s about getting products to the door faster and more efficiently.

Karpula Santosh is the CEO and Director of Next Innovation Packaging

Next Innovation Packaging is headed by Mr. Karpula Santish, the founder and director. Next Innovation Packaging has been providing packaging services to some of the most prestigious technology, pharmaceutical, and retail companies in India for over 30 years.

Brilliant academic, skilled graphic designer, and a graduate of India’s top management schools, Mr. Santosh has been a visionary businessman, and is an important spokesperson for the Indian Packaging industry. Nextinpack.com, a website of Next In Pack, was launched in 2002 as India’s first ecommerce store for packaging solutions. This happened five years before Flipkart.

Next Innovation Packaging produces more than 1 lakh corrugated rolls, corrugated box, and corrugated boxes each year. Its state-of-the art manufacturing facility is located in Telangana. The advanced packaging machinery and printing technology used by the manufacturing unit ensures that Next In Pack customers receive fast, efficient delivery and high-quality brand representation through product packaging.

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