Eco-Friendly Food Delivery Packaging Solutions: How to Deliver Food Flawlessly

Eco-Friendly Food Delivery Packaging Solutions How to Deliver Food Flawlessly

You know that packaging is a key part of ensuring positive customer experiences if you are in the food delivery business. Packaging problems can lead to food spillage, compromise the integrity and cause customers to be disappointed. The latest restaurant trends indicate that more people are looking for restaurants that use biodegradable containers that help the environment.

Your business’s food packaging can make a big difference in customer satisfaction. Let’s look at the most eco-friendly options for food delivery packaging and how you can choose the right one to suit your needs.

Takeout packaging vs delivery

Definitions can often be blurred in the world of ecommerce and food delivery apps. What is the difference between the packaging for a burger shop that operates out of a dark site and the bakery packaging for a bakery that has a storefront and foot traffic?

Packaging must be simple to transport, safe for food, and sustainable. Whether you’re selling cakes from your home or operating a take-out business, your delivery packaging and takeout packaging should be eco-friendly.

Five Best Eco-Friendly Food Delivery Packaging Solutions

1. Biodegradable Packaging

Biodegradable packaging is packaging that breaks down over time in the environment. Although they are slow to degrade, this is due to naturally occurring microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. Biodegradable packaging usually decomposes within 6 months. This is a significant improvement over regular plastic which can take hundreds of years. Even biodegradable plastics can break down into smaller pieces, which can still cause damage to the environment.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that biodegradable packaging should be avoided for your food business. You can use biodegradable packaging in your restaurant as long as it is not made of harmful chemicals. Find out more about technicalities of biodegradable packaging

2. Compostable Packaging

Compostable packaging is more sustainable than biodegradable packaging. It’s made exclusively of organic matter, such as corn-starch or sugarcane. These organic elements can degrade in the environment and leave behind only residues such as fertilizer that are beneficial for the soil. You should remember that compostable packaging can be broken down in compost environments such as food waste bins. It should be disposed of correctly and will eventually break down in 180 days.

Compostable packaging is more environmentally friendly than biodegradable, and it is widely used for food delivery. Plant-based materials go back to nature. The manufacturing of compostable packaging is more efficient and requires less water, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Recyclable Containers

Recyclable food packaging is one of the most important sustainability practices that restaurant owners can use. This eco-friendly packaging is recyclable and can be recycled, as the name implies. Recyclable containers can be made from paper, plastic, metal or glass. You will often see recycled paper pulp products in bakery and cupcake packaging

Recyclable paper is however one of the most popular types of packaging used in the food and drink industry. Create & Order Your Own Food Delivery Bag. This packaging type must be properly separated, sorted and recycled in order to have a positive impact on the environment. You must clearly label all recyclable packaging that you use so your customers can know if it is recyclable.

4. Packaging Certified by FSC

The Forest Stewardship Council certifies this type of packaging. This means that it is made from responsibly extracted materials. FSC is an international non-profit organization that promotes responsible forest management.

This organization has many members, and their goal is to responsibly produce wood- and paper-based materials. They protect wildlife and the environment and avoid the use of harmful chemicals in packaging.

There are 3 types of FSC certification, FSC Mix and FSC Recycled Label.

FSC 100% means that the packaging is 100% made from virgin materials from certified forests by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Explore more FSC-certified packaging

FSC Mix refers to packaging that is made from a mixture of recycled material or FSC virgin fibre.

The FSC Recycled label also indicates that packaging is 100% made of recycled fiber.

If you are committed to sustainability, FSC-certified packaging might be a great choice for your restaurant. FSC-certified paper can be used to print your restaurant’s menu. This will further your eco-friendly efforts.

5. Food Containers that can be Reused

Stack of food plastic containers isolated on white

Next In Pack have finally completed this list of food delivery packaging solutions. This initiative seeks to combine reusability and sustainability in order to preserve the environment. This type of food packaging has one major drawback: it is not suitable for delivery. Although you technically could use reusable containers, it would be difficult to return them from customers.

Customers are likely to choose convenience over sustainability. It would be difficult to implement this. You could also opt for a Bring Your Own Container option to pick up. Starbucks is already making this a popular choice, and customers are encouraged by Starbucks to bring their own cup. Many smaller retailers have even built entire stores around refilling your containers. You can offer a 5% discount to encourage customers to use reusable containers for their food.

How to promote your eco-friendly food packaging?

You’ll need to shout it loud if you want to use eco-friendly, sustainable packaging in your restaurant. Here are some ideas for marketing your food packaging so customers know that you care about the planet.

It should be posted on your website

Your website should be a billboard for your restaurant. Your homepage should include a section on eco-friendly packaging. Users can then be directed to a dedicated landing site to find out more.

Use social media to share the news.

Pin a post about your decision to switch to eco-friendly packaging to your Facebook page. You can also include a link to your site, so they can learn more about your initiative. You can create separate posts for other social media platforms used by your restaurant.

Send an email blast

It will delight your subscribers to learn that you are now using eco-friendly packaging for food. Send them a newsletter detailing your efforts.

Last Thoughts

The amount of waste generated by restaurants can be reduced by using eco-friendly food delivery containers. You can also help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint by reducing packaging that contains toxic substances.

These actions will reflect a positive image of your restaurant, increase your brand image, attract new clients, and ensure your loyalty to your customers. These take-out and food packaging options will help you get started in implementing eco-friendly food delivery solutions for your restaurant.

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