Why Corrugated is the Most Sustainable Packaging?

Why Corrugated is the Most Sustainable Packaging

Let’s begin by explaining sustainability and what makes packaging materials sustainable. Sustainability can be described as a natural, all-encompassing process that provides what is required to sustain itself.

The corrugated industry has created a smooth and supportive environment.

Why is Corrugated so Sustainable?

Corrugated fiberboard can be used to make shipping boxes and other packaging materials. This post will discuss six reasons corrugated material is the best sustainable packaging material and how it can be used with your product.

1) Economic Focus

Corrugated packaging is cost-effective and still secure enough to protect your product. The lightweight packaging can be customized to fit your product while minimizing waste. Material costs will remain low because the material can be used entirely by itself.

This material is lightweight and sturdy, making it a responsible choice for packaging of any size. Corrugated material reduces freight costs and handling costs, which helps to lower fuel and shipping costs.

2) Reduced waste

You can easily customize corrugated packaging to reduce material waste. The material is completely recyclable, so it doesn’t only reduce waste upfront but also helps to reduce material wastage after use. You can easily break down the entire container and reuse or recycle it.

Corrugated packaging can be reused, even though it reduces material consumption. This material can be easily collapsed and reused for multiple purposes. This packaging material also reduces packaging costs and has a lower environmental impact.

3) Packaging is Secure

Corrugated uses fluting with one to two sheets of lined board. This creates a strong and durable material that protects contents. There are many types of corrugated material available that offer different levels of protection depending on the product and shipping method.

This flexible material can be manipulated to fit products snugly. It also minimizes excess space in the packaging to make sure your product doesn’t shift or break during shipping. The material is flexible but strong enough to protect your product from the elements.

Corrugated packaging is also safe from bacteria thanks to the cleanliness of its material. It is recyclable and safest for shipping and containing produce.

4) Multi-functional

The material can be used for many purposes throughout the product’s lifecycle, including packaging, shipping, and displaying it in the retail shop. Because corrugated can be used for any purpose, it is a consistent and efficient material choice.

Corrugated packaging can still be used for safety and storage purposes after the product has been shipped. The material is durable and can be used for many purposes.

5) Recyclable

Corrugated fiberboard has the highest recycling rate of any packaging material. The corrugated industry has the highest recycling rate of any packaging material.

Corrugated is an environmentally friendly option because it’s a high-recycled material.

Corrugated material is recyclable but it depends on the people recycling it. This could prove difficult. 94% have easy access to recycling programs that will accept corrugated material. It is also biodegradable and will naturally absorb into the surrounding environment, supporting a healthy ecosystem.

6) Renewable

This packaging is made mostly from recycled material and trees. It is also renewable and self-sufficient. This industry can rely entirely on itself because it is primarily made from renewable forests. These packaging materials can also be made from woodchips or leftover materials from many paper-making processes.

7) Safe and Biodegradable

Chemical treatment can be done on some corrugated packaging. However, the vast majority of corrugated packaging does not have to be chemically treated in order to remain competitive and effective. Most corrugated materials don’t contain any chemicals at all. You now have a low-impact biodegradable material.

This is a huge sustainability benefit, especially when compared with plastic packaging. Paper products biodegrade much faster and have a minimal impact on the environment while they are being fully degraded. There is no leaching of chemicals or microplastics. To eventually cause harm to wildlife or death, it must not be ingested into soil, wildlife, water tables and streams. Plastic will last for many decades, if not centuries, and corrugated packaging will eventually disappear completely.

8) You can make it completely customizable to meet your needs

Corrugated cardboard can be coated with different printing techniques, adhesives and coatings. Corrugated can be folded into any shape and comes in many sizes. You can also customize your printing options.

Corrugated materials can be used in a variety of ways. They are extremely time-efficient and can often be assembled in a matter of minutes.

Someone Somewhere, a clothing and accessory brand, is designed and handmade in Mexico by skilled textile artisans. The garments were given the full typographic treatment. The brand’s logotype, composition, and letterforms create a consistent visual language that is carried through to its packaging solutions.

It’s becoming a brand ambassador while it’s in transit. This is from the driver loading it, to the courier who brings it to your home.

Next In Pack Offers Custom Packaging

Next In Pack is a leading packaging and retail display manufacturing company. We strive to promote and protect our clients’ products using customized corrugated solutions. We can be your single source of supply with our integrated design-to-delivery system.

We are an award-winning manufacturer for virtually any type of corrugate. We have everything you need, from simple brown shipping boxes to high-graphic printed point of purchase displays with high-graphic graphics, and everything in-between.

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