12X12X1.5 Inch Customized Pizza Box

Technical Specification

Product: Boxes                                     Length:12

Width:  12                                               Height: 1.5

Printing: yes                                          Type: Customized Pizza Box

Industry: E-commerce                        POD Jacket: Not Applicable

Print your ArtWork: No                       Coupon code: Yes

PLY (Standard) :   3 PLY                      Application :  Shiping, Loading

Biodegradable : Yes

GSM :  150 (Bottom) | 150 (Middle) | 230 (Top)



Production Time :  7-10 days


Product Description
  • Our value priced pizza boxes help you lower operating costs without compromising on quality
  • Assemble easily without needing tape or stapling
  • Our heavy duty B-Flute construction can handle a heavy pizza piled with multiple toppings.
  • Make your pizza box do more than just deliver pizza, make it also delivers your brand. Add pizzazz to your pizza box with custom printing.
  • Our boxes are made of 100 % recycled materials, ensuring you maintain your business’s dedication to preserving the environment.
  • Shipped flat for easy storage

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