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BOPP stands for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene; BOPP Tapes are film coated with water-based adhesive. They are usually made up of superior quality adhesives that offer high tack and adhesion strength most commonly needed for sealing/packing cartons to make them damage-proof. BOPP tapes can be stretched in both the directions thus mentioned as biaxially oriented in the name. Its high tensile strength & toughness in nature makes it an ideal solution when it comes to packaging or labeling. BOPP tape’s properties allow it to work in even the harshest conditions and temperatures. It seals quickly, is reliable and consistent in performance. Some of the best qualities of BOPP tapes include its exceptional clarity & gloss, recyclable, shrink-proof unlike the generic tapes and high in resistance . Next in Pack are bopp adhesive tape manufacturer in Hyderabad, India and we also supply. You can find a variety of packing tapes with us or buy packaging tape online.

Our range of BOPP tapes includes Coloured BOPP Tapes, Plain BOPP Tapes, custom BOPP packaging tapes and printed BOPP packaging tapes. We are a reliable and trusted destination that is manufacturing & supplying BOPP tapes for over three decades’ now, our experience & expertise in the packaging domain reflects in the quality design, development, customer service, pricing and consistency we’ve maintained over the years. As India’s largest manufacturers of packaging solutions we ensure a hassle free & fulfilling experience every time you choose us!

High-Quality Packaging Tapes will Protect your Packaging

Tapes are an important packaging material that protects boxes, cartons, and other shipping packages. It is also essential in the electronic industry. Next In Pack offer a selection of the best packaging tapes that are durable and reliable, tailored to your specific industry.

Our packaging tapes are made from the highest quality materials and reinforced with industrial-grade acrylic adhesive. They last a long time. There are many packaging tapes to choose from, including clear and coloured options. They are known for their high tensile strength, premium quality, and durability. They can be used in eCommerce, electronic markets, and logistics.

Select from the Best Selection of Packaging Tapes

Next In Pack offer printed packaging tapes that you can customize with your logo and design. To ensure that all your shipments are sealed securely, we offer Amazon Branded Tapes for packaging boxes in different widths. The shipping tapes are suitable for all weather conditions and prevent any damage during transit.

Order online and get your products delivered within a few days. You can order Transparent BOPP tapes or Self adhesive tapes online. Next In Pack also offer printed packaging tapes as well as branded and coloured tapes. Next In Pack offer custom packaging tapes that can be printed with any of your chosen prints. This allows you to brand your packages according to your business needs.

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Order bulk packaging tapes online from Next In Pack to protect cartons, boxes, and other shipping packages. Next In Pack is India’s leading brand for high-quality, durable packing tape. We are India’s largest supplier of shipping tape and carton packing tape, as well as all other packaging materials required by the logistics, retail and other industries.