Custom Logo Printed Tape

Product: Printed Tape                                      Length: 

Width:                                                                   Height:

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Industry: E-commerce                                     POD Jacket: Not Applicable

Print your ArtWork: No

Product Description

Additional Information:

  • Being the Manufacturer, we guarantee you the Best Price .
  • Full Satisfaction. 100% Refund Guaranteed anytime. No question asked!
  • 15 Days Dispatch time for this product.
  • Attractive Catalogues for your products.
  • Very High-Quality International Standard
  • International Standard
  • Supplying to Over 200 Companies around world
  • Can be used in multiple marketplaces
  • Value for Money
  • Chose High Quantity to save on Cost
  • What you see is what you Pay
  • 100% Refund guaranteed on Non-Satisfaction
  • Fast Delivery to all Corners of India.
  • Next Day Delivery to Major Indian Cities.
  • We are happy to serve you small Quantities, we always promote simplicity for Sellers.
  • Consistent Quality always. You do not have to worry about the Quality
  • We don’t charge anything Extra. No hidden Costs.


Why Nextin Packaging produced customer branded printed tapes are of top quality?

Nextin Packaging ensures that every customer Buy Custom Branded Printed Tapes online in India at best prices. Nextin Packaging’s Personalized Branded Printed Tapes comes with high quality. Means your design and print of logo will be unscathed and remains weather proof.

As a longtime serving in the printed adhesive tape, Nextin Packaging is also high-quality adhesive tapes on an individual basis.

Nextin Packaging provides a dedicated online customer service all that works all the time to resolve any query or complaint on timely basis.


  • Material used: Polypropylene – 42 microns
  • Adhesive type: Acrylic
  • Tape Color: Any
  • Length: 65 meters



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